SRMC Limited

Solvency Resolution Management Consultants (SRMC) is a federally registered Debt Agreement Administrator. Registration Number: 720 SRMC administer debt agreements introduced by the Australian licensed debt agreement facilitator – Credit Counsellors Australia. Enjoying a sound relationship with all major creditors both locally and internationally, we have one of the highest acceptance rates in the personal insolvency profession. We ensure, that consumers who are seeking financial relief, obtain the very best service available. Being one of the best in the field, our reputation for low cost debt relief, professional service, and ethical standards of debt agreements is well – known and trusted within the industry.

Our people are our greatest asset

Our directors are founding members of the Personal Insolvency Professionals Association. And to ensure that SRMC maintains the highest possible professional standards, our employees are required to be current members of the association.

Our equipped team is well-trained and highly capable with many years of experience assisting thousands of Australians who have turned to us for debt assistance. By understanding your debt position, we can assess your situation quickly, obtain debt relief and assure your peace of mind.

Highly trained and professionally qualified, our staff are experienced in personal insolvency matters and hold tertiary qualifications in law, accounting, commerce, accounting, insolvency and economics.

Meet the team


Clifford Mearns - Executive Chairman

“As Chair of the SRMC Group it gives me great pleasure to introduce our senior executives and managers to those perusing our website. In performing my duties both as a Director and as a Registered Debt Agreement Administrator I could not wish to be involved with a more professional, compassionate and thoughtful team of individuals.”

Matthew Youn - Chief Executive Officer

“I always try to build mutual trust with those I work with because it’s the only way to unlock the additional 10 per cent of discretionary effort we all have inside us. Here at SRMC Limited we try hard to build an atmosphere where fear is diminished and trust is enhanced.”

Karl Robinson - Chief Operating Officer

“The working environment at SRMC Limited is fun and at the same time challenging. This helps me grow both career-wise and as a person.”

Alina Anufrieva - Accountant

“I am definitely satisfied and happy working with SRMC Limited as I am confident knowing that we give the highest quality of service and we genuinely care for our clients.”

Stefani Sims - Compliance Officer

“I love having been given the opportunity by SRMC Limited to work with different kinds of people. This experience has helped shape me into a well-rounded individual and be the best I can be.”

Chris Sia - Senior Case Manager

“Heading a team of warm-hearted individuals who are very passionate at what they do, inspires me to do better every single day. I enjoy imparting my knowledge and skills to my team to provide excellent service to our clients.”

Andres Duque - Senior Counsellor

“Being a part of this organisation is something I am very proud of. Everyday I wake up happy knowing that I can help other people, it’s just the best feeling in the world. It makes me love more what I already love doing.”

Sam Messiha- Senior Counsellor

“I’m all about second chances, that’s what we do here. It feels good being able to help people recover from difficult situations.”

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