No other subject makes people cringe more than talking about their bad financial situation. Why does this topic make us so uncomfortable? That feeling of uneasiness when having the money talk actually comes from our fear of judgment, which is, unfortunately, more prevalent for those who have very few resources and struggle to get by. By sharing the intimate details of their financial reality, those in serious financial trouble fear that they may be perceived as being lazy or bad with money. Those who are “asset rich” but “cash poor” may also fear being taken advantage of by unscrupulous debt advisors.

At SRMC Group, we understand the concerns people have about going through the personal insolvency processes. We know what goes through people’s minds when they are struggling to make payments, and we’ve heard thousands of stories of hardship. No matter how bad you may feel about your situation – we won’t judge you, period. Because of our longstanding industry experience (operating since 1999), it’s safe to say we’ve seen it all – so you can rest assured that when you call us, you’ll be speaking with a qualified expert who wants to help you. We’re experts at helping people get out of debt.

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