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SRMC Group have helped thousands of Australians to get on top of their debt and get their lives back on track. In your time of despair, our purpose is to give you peace of mind and a clear pathway to a much brighter, debt-free future.

SRMC relieve the burden of debt by creating a clear and affordable repayment plan that helps you get back on track by making affordable repayments. But it doesn't stop there; we freeze ongoing interest* and put a stop to debt collection and legal action, giving you the time and space to protect your assets and get back on top of your debt.

*Subject to Legislative Terms & Conditions

Debt Advice

Debt Agreements

A debt agreement is a legal binding undertaking made between a debtor and affected creditors. It is a flexible alternative to bankruptcy that permits the repayment of indebtedness in a manner most suitable to the debtor’s capacity to pay.

The primary objective of debt management is to eliminate unmanageable debt. SRMC provides the expertise and know-how to help you become free of the debt cycle. The Australian Financial Securities Authority regulates debt administrators and also ensures that proposals being submitted comply with a wide range of requirements, including eligibility.

*Subject to Legislative Terms & Conditions